Centennial Valley Volunteer Fire Department

 Centennial, Wyoming                                                                The Pride and Spirit of the Volunteer

In case of emergency call 911

Prior to starting a controlled burn, please contact Laramie Dispatch at 307-721-2526.

For information on wildfires incidences and related road closures go here.

 Prepare your home for wildfires go here.

The Centennial Valley Volunteer Fire Department provides quality structural and wild fire suppression, emergency medical services and fire prevention education with well trained and equipped volunteers to Centennial  Valley and Albany County.

The Centennial Valley Volunteer Fire Department (CVVFD) is located at 4 Northfork Road, Centennial, Wyoming. CVVFD is an all-volunteer department with about 15 members equipped for structural and wildland fire fighting along with emergency medical services.  The department serves our designated area of Western Albany County.  It also provides mutual aid to other Albany County fire departments. Funding comes from Albany County Fire District 1 and donations.

If you would like to join our department as a firefighter, EMT or both, please go to the Contact Us page and request information through the form provided there.

CVVFD pagers went off 104 times in 2023.  The calls are broken down as follows: Wildland (grass, brush & forest) -2; Structural Fires -3; Medical -34; Vehicle Mishaps -12; Service Calls -33; Special Calls -2; False Alarms -2; and Cancels -16.  We under took 734 hours of training in 2023. 

The CVVFD fire station is located approximately one mile East of the town of Centennial, Wyoming.

It is at the intersection of Highway 130 and North Fork Road.

There are also satellite stations on Highway 11 and in the town of Albany, WY.