Centennial Valley Volunteer Fire Department

About Us


  • Three Type 6 Wildland Fire Trucks 
  • Two Structural Pumpers
  • Two Tenders, 2500 and 4000 gallons
  • Three Command and Utility Trucks
  • One Crash and Rescue Truck
  • Two Ambulances
  • Four Snowmobiles and Two Rescue Sleds


The Centennial Volunteer Fire Department trains on the third Monday of every month starting at 18:30 at the Station.  There are many other trainings throughout the year the CVVFD attends both locally and statewide.  Some of the trainings statewide are held at Wheatland Fire School, Mid Winter Fire School in Riverton, Buffalo Fire School and Cody Fire School.  The CVVFD trains with other local agencies county wide including, but not limited to, Laramie Fire Department, Big Laramie Fire Department, Little Laramie Fire Department, Veedauwoo Fire Department, Tie Siding Fire Department, Albany County Sheriffs Office and Albany County Search and Rescue.

CVVFD trains on a wide variety of material.  Both classroom and field exercises are utilized for a well rounded skill set.  Trainings include, but are not limited to, vehicle extrication, live fire training, fire behavior, operations and techniques, water tender operations, engine operations, search and rescue techniques in IDLH (immediately dangerous to life and health) environments, emergency vehicle operations, chainsaw operations. forcible entry techniques, communications and emergency medical service.

We train to serve the public with due regard to life and safety.  At the end of the day, everyone goes home!

During 2021, CVVFD members attended over 2317 hours of training to ensure keeping skills fresh.



Chief - Sean Davis

Assistant Chief - Mike Olsen

Member-at-Large - Neil Mathison

Secretary - Jan O'Dell

Treasurer - Amy Kent

In addition to the officers about 15 other firefighters and EMTs make up the CVVFD.


To join CVVFD go to the Contact Us page and ask for information on joining through the form

Join our firefighting team

Or, our EMT team, or both

An EMT is required to be State certified.  EMT classes are regularly available.

If you would like to consider joining the department as an EMT, contact Sean Davis at seandavis9998@gmail.com.